All About Saint Bernards

Instantly recognisable and adored around the globe, the gentle giant of the dog world has plenty to offer his human companions. The breed’s sheer size makes him a true heavyweight, which combined with his kind and loving nature, creates a remarkable family member devoted to his pack. This website aims to share the joy of Saint Bernards whilst offering tips and advice on how to keep your canine healthy and content.

  • History – The first article explores the origins of this Swiss colossus, beginning with his namesake passage through the Alps and venturing into his early career as a search and rescue tour de force. The specimen known and loved today was introduced to his nation’s Kennel Club in the 19th century and has continued to grow in popularity as both a pet and a show dog across the world ever since.
  • Breed Standard – A look into the defining characteristics of the breed, which discusses physical aspects and temperament. Thankfully, the Saint combines his powerful physique and massive stature with a tender placidity and an inherent kindness.
  • Raising a Saint Bernard Puppy – Living with a young dog and teaching him how to behave is a time-consuming and often arduous task. But such basics are imperative in raising a well-rounded Saint free from fear or aggression. This section provides the essentials to ensure life with your new family member gets off to the best possible start.
  • General Care – Information regarding the three key elements of caring for your dog, which include feeding, exercising and grooming.